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DYLOTT is pleased to announce an ongoing partnership between BLACK TAXI, an initiative of TAXI and Developing Young Leaders of Tomorrow, Today (DYLOTT). TAXI which is a design and advertising agency based out of Toronto. Their latest initiative, BLACK TAXI led by a diverse creative team committed to finding, hiring, and retaining Black talent, an effort to lead and advocate for change in the advertising industry.

The partnership was created to support the organization with a major rebrand to reflect its continued growth and changes to program and service delivery. The rebranding initiative includes a new logo and matching brand assets. Led by the team at BLACK TAXI and currently in its final stages, the rebranding took place over months of consultation with DYLOTT team members and advisors.

At this juncture of the project, we are celebrating our new brand and partnership with the BLACK TAXI team who so generously donated their time and creativity. DYLOTT encourages any organizations with an interest in branding work or Black youth interested in internships to reach out to the BLACK TAXI team and inquire about how they may be able to help you.

“I cannot thank the BLACK TAXI team enough for patiently and graciously working with us to put together this rebrand,” said Candies Kotchapaw Executive Director DYLOTT. “They took the time to hear the heart of our story and reflected our drive to showcase Black excellence in all the materials that they presented to us,”

“In addition, I would like to thank Andrew Jackson, our website developer, for his hard work and continued effort in building out a new website that reflects the growth we have experienced over the last 3 years and captures the direction we are headed in.”

“As we continue to expand and grow our programs and services to meet and reflect the needs of the communities we serve, this rebrand will help us to communicate effectively who we are and what we offer to a wider audience”. Ms. Kotchapaw said.

About Developing Young Leaders of Tomorrow, Today (DYLOTT)

DYLOTT is a leadership incubator that delivers a variety of youth programs intentionally designed to ensure young Black leaders have the tools to excel in the current and emerging Canadian and International job market. Our programs are designed to address barriers to social inclusion in employment, education, and the broader social context. Our culturally responsive supports and services provide: Mentoring and mentorship opportunities, Intensive training and skill development, and Innovative Sector-specific knowledge.

We help participants of our program to develop and maintain positive peer and professional mentoring relationships that will positively impact their career trajectory and socio-economic status through: early literacy, development of leadership skills and professional support.

To learn more about DYLOTT:

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Introducing BLACK TAXI. A TAXI initiative headed up by Creative Operations Manager, Stephanie Small out of the TAXI Toronto office. The team comprises of eight people across two offices. This is a separate initiative from the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity Committee currently in place across the TAXI network. This decision was intentional as it allows for a relentless focus on the needs of our Black colleagues and creators.


What is BLACK TAXI? BLACK TAXI is a diverse team committed to finding, hiring, and retaining Black talent an effort to lead change in our industry. BLACK TAXI’s first steps towards this goal will be to rewrite HR practices and job descriptions, improve outreach and hiring practices to attract and hire as many Black employees as possible, eliminate unpaid internships and partner with a local organization to mentor and provide paid internship opportunities to members of the Black Community who are looking to enter the industry.

To learn more about BLACK TAXI:

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