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Co-op to Careers in Cybersecurity

Join the most trusted cyber security training resource in the world. Register for our cyber security training course today

Our Cybersecurity Program is Designed to:

Equip Black youth in high school with the tools to navigate online safely


Provide learning opportunities that will prepare them for entry into meaningful well-paying cybersecurity careers


Address the cybersecurity industry’s increasing demand for well-educated and diverse cybersecurity talent

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What Students will Learn

Risks and trade-offs involved when online “for fun,” identifying specific scams and pitfalls to watch out for

Gain the ability to spot attempts to steal their personal information and learn the tools to prevent it

Personal cybersecurity and how those same principles are applied at the business level by cybersecurity professionals

Introduced to the realm of cybersecurity professions and explore how to enter the cybersecurity fields through education and employment

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