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Exploring Barbados: A Journey of Diplomacy and Discovery

Dylott Monthly Newsletter

April 2024

Exploring Barbados: A Journey of Diplomacy and Discovery

Dear Dylott Community,

We are delighted to bring you an exclusive recap of our recent expedition to Barbados, where we embarked on a journey filled with purpose and inspiration. Our trip was marked by profound discussions, meaningful connections, and impactful experiences, all aimed at furthering the mission of The Black Diplomats Academy.

Exploring Diplomatic Frontiers:

Jaqui Parchment (DYLOTT Board Advisor), Angelica Johnson Baptista (Communications Coordinator and BDA Program Assistant), Candies Kotchapaw (Executive Director and Founder),Dr Ricard Hellman, Deputy Chief of Mission.

The journey commenced with an invigorating exchange of ideas between the Academy members and Dr. Ricardo Kellman, Minister of Foreign and Hemispheric Affairs, alongside his esteemed team. Their dialogue delved deep into global affairs, diplomatic intricacies, and the pivotal role of Barbados in shaping international relations.

The interaction wasn't merely a conversation; it served as a platform for the participants to glean invaluable insights and forge meaningful connections. Dr. Kellman's guidance, coupled with the expertise of his team, laid a solid foundation for the Academy's exploration of diplomatic discourse.

Jaqui Parchment (DYLOTT Board Advisor), Angelica Johnson Baptista (Communications Coordinator and BDA Program Assistant), Candies Kotchapaw (Executive Director and Founder), James Payne and Tom Hines, British High Commission Team for Barbados

Our team also had the honour of convening at the British High Commissioner's office in Barbados alongside esteemed colleagues Tom Hines and Jamar Payne.

The focus of our discussion was twofold: exploring the rich tapestry of similarities between Canadian and British cultures and delving into strategies to empower the vibrant youth community in Barbados. It was an enlightening exchange of ideas, experiences, and perspectives, as we recognized the pivotal role of young individuals in shaping the future landscape of our societies.

One exciting outcome of our conversation was the conception of "Diplomats for a Day," an innovative initiative aimed at nurturing the diplomatic potential within our youth. This program holds tremendous promise, offering a platform for young minds to engage in meaningful dialogue, forge global connections, and ultimately emerge as future leaders equipped to navigate the complexities of our interconnected world.

Cultural Exchange:

Our time in Barbados also afforded us the chance to immerse ourselves in the vibrant culture and rich heritage of this beautiful island nation. Hosted by the Canadian High Commissioner Office, The Black Diplomats Academy had the privilege of showcasing its mission and accomplishments to the finalists of the esteemed "Diplomat for a Day" program. The atmosphere was one of anticipation and eagerness as attendees gathered to delve into discussions surrounding the opportunities that BDA has provided to black youth worldwide.

The event provided a platform for reflection on the strides made by BDA in empowering young minds and fostering leadership skills within the realm of diplomacy. It was an occasion marked by insightful conversations and shared visions for a more inclusive future in international affairs.

"Diplomats For a Day" Participants, Black Diplomats Academy Staff and the Canadian High Commissioner to Barbados, Lilian Chatterjee

The BDA team expressed their gratitude to the Canadian High Commissioner Office for graciously hosting the event and to all participants for their enthusiasm and engagement. Moments like these serve as poignant reminders of the impact that collaborative efforts can have in breaking barriers and creating pathways for diverse voices to thrive

Meeting Our Bajan Fellow:

A highlight of our trip was sitting down with our very own Bajan Fellow, Cadesha Cummins whose insights and perspectives proved to be invaluable. Through candid conversations and shared experiences, we gained a deeper appreciation for the unique challenges and opportunities facing the diplomatic community in Barbados and beyond.

Looking Ahead:

As we reflect on our journey, we are filled with a sense of gratitude and optimism for the future. The relationships forged and lessons learned during our time in Barbados will undoubtedly shape our work moving forward, as we continue to advocate for diversity, inclusion, and equity within the realm of diplomacy.

Get Involved:

We invite all members to join us in our ongoing efforts to build a more inclusive and equitable world. Whether through participating in our programs, sharing your insights and experiences, or supporting our initiatives, your contributions are instrumental in driving positive change.

Thank you to everyone who made this journey possible, and we look forward to the exciting collaborations and opportunities that lie ahead.

Warm regards,


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