About Us

Developing Young Leaders of Tomorrow, Today (DYLOTT) is an organization developed by Candies Kotchapaw, a visionary leader in the Black community. Candies, while completing her Master's of Social Work specializing in Policy Practice at York University, identified the precarious experience of Black Social Workers and the need for their inclusion in policy development. Coupled with her several years of experience facilitating grassroots youth work and Candies' identification of precariousness in several other employment areas, DYLOTT was formally founded in 2019.

What We Do

DYLOTT is a leadership incubator that delivers a variety of youth programs intentionally designed to ensure young Black leaders have the tools to excel in the current and emerging Canadian and International job market. Our programs are designed to address barriers to social inclusion in employment, education and the broader social context. Our culturally responsive supports and services provide: Mentoring and mentorship opportunities, Intensive training and skill development, and Innovative Sector-specific knowledge.

How We Do It

Community Engagement
Grassroots leadership

We provide mentorship and developmental opportunities to Black youth by fostering strong relationships with elders to support skill-building and collaborative community-based knowledge sharing.

We work within Black communities fostering collective action to create change at the local, regional, national, and international levels of policy and programming.

We harness the greatness of Black potential to work towards the realization of sustainability, interdependence and enhanced contribution to the successful growth of our economy and influence.

Systemic Advocacy

We advocate on behalf of Black communities to ensure that the systems we interact with are producing progressive changes to policies and practices.


We amplify the diverse community voices to ensure we remain connected to the pulse of Black communities and remain focused on the issues that matter most.



Our programs are designed to address barriers to social inclusion in employment, education and the broader social context. We help participants of the program develop and maintain positive peer and professional mentoring relationships that will positively impact the career trajectory and social status of the participants of the program through....



Developing Young Leaders of Tomorrow Today (DYLOTT) is a Black focused leadership incubation organization geared towards changing the socio-economic-political outlook for Black communities.

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To create empowered Black communities where youth participate with elders in decision making building a collaborative and lasting legacy of intergenerational knowledge sharing and mentorship ensuring continued progress.



Candies Kotchapaw is a community builder and networker, holding Master and Bachelor degrees in Social Work from York University and a diploma in Child and Youth Work from George Brown College. While completing the Master program, Candies encountered systemic conditions that tried to prevent her from successfully completing the program. These forces included feelings of isolation in education, financial blocks, lack of mentorship and a sense that striving for greater was pointless. Candies found support in one faculty member who invested time and effort in developing her Major Research Project entitled, ‘The Politics of Social Work: Do Racialized Social Workers belong in the Practice Space of Public Policy Development?’....

Candies Kotchapaw

Founder & Executive Director

Meet The Board of Directors


Sue Douglas

Board Member


Sue Douglas, founder and President of Vital Management Solutions, is a highly sought after and trusted management consultant and Human Resource advisor who specializes in the aligning of Human Resource solutions with business strategies.  For over 30 years, Sue’s contributions have had a tangible impact on the success and growth of a variety of organizations across industries such as Not For Profit, Technology, Logistics, Manufacturing, Distribution, Professional Services, Real Estate, Communications, Hospitality and Retail

As a seasoned executive, Sue’s philosophy is “HR is not a department – it’s how you treat people.”  She is consistently looked to as a strategic advisor by her employers and her clients by providing “just in time” Human Resource and situational guidance, coaching and mentoring.  She has been designing, implementing and coaching organizations in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion programs for 20 years. Sue’s expertise in the Human Resource and leadership field makes her an invaluable resource to any organization.

Over her 35-year career Sue has served on multiple not-for-profit and industry boards and advisory committees. She was elected President of the national call center association – CAMX, at the age of 29 and has participated in Not-For-Profit director/governance roles since then.


Jaqui Parchment



As CEO of Mercer Canada, Jaqui leads 1,000 employees coast-to-coast, working to help people achieve healthier, more financially secure and professionally rewarding futures.

Before becoming CEO, Jaqui led more than 500 employees as Mercer’s Toronto Office Leader for two years. Prior to that, she headed the Investments business in Canada. She has more than 30 years of experience consulting in the retirement savings and investment areas.

Jaqui is a passionate advocate for diversity and inclusion, inside and outside of Mercer. At Mercer, she is the North American Executive Sponsor of PRIDE at Mercer, and is a former Chair of Women@Mercer and When Women Thrive.

In the community, she serves on the Boards of the BlackNorth Initiative, the Business Council of Canada, and the Canadian Olympic Committee. She also directly serves the Black community as a member of the Black Experience @ SickKids Advisory Council, as an Advisor to Developing Young Leaders of Tomorrow, Today (DYLOTT), and as a member of the Health Task Force of the Black Opportunity Fund, of which she was a founding member. She is on the Advisory Board of the Institute for Sustainable Finance, and has served on a number of investment committees related to pension and endowment assets. In 2020, she received the Gold Award – HR Champion (CEO) from the Canadian HR Awards.

Jaqui graduated from the University of Waterloo with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics and Actuarial Science. She earned her Associate designation from the Society of Actuaries in 1989, and is a CFA Charterholder.


Laurene Williams

Board Secretary (Currently On Leave)


Laurene Williams came to DYLOTT in 2019 as one of our Young Professionals program mentees. Laurene is currently preparing to take her Ontario Bar exam and has experience working in Human Resources and Alternative Dispute Resolution. Over the course of her first year with DYLOTT, Laurene has shown her tremendous leadership capacity, as she has contributed to coordinating DYLOTT’s first speaker series on “Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals within the Black community.” Laurene also served as project manager for several grant applications on behalf of DYLOTT’s Young Professionals program. In August 2019, Laurene represented DYLOTT as a Canadian delegate at the Future We Want Model United Nations professional training program in New York City.


Jen Bermingham



Jen founded Strategic Navigator in 1999, recognizing a need among client organizations for research that digs a little deeper and a strategic partner who can navigate by channeling research insights into a clear path forward. Prior to starting Strategic Navigator, Jen honed her marketing and communications strategy skills during a span of 15 years in Canadian advertising agencies, including several in the role of Senior Vice President, Director of Strategic Planning.

Jen appreciates and employs creativity in design, interpretation and presentation. She is motivated by her passion for understanding people. She cares deeply about people – the ones she is researching and the ones for whom she is conducting the research.


Dauna Jones-Simmonds

Board Member


Dauna is the President of DEJS (Diversity) Consulting, where she shares her unique experience and facilitates the transfer of her accumulated knowledge, through consulting and diversity training activities.  Born in St. Kitts, she migrated to Canada in 1977 and has first-hand knowledge and experience about the roadblocks and challenges encountered by new Canadians.  She has a Strategic Human Resources Management (SHRM) Certificate from Cornell University, New York and a degree in Business Administration from Ryerson University, Toronto.  She is an energetic, goal-driven individual with a proven track record of measurable achievements.

As a customer-focused Human Resources “Diversity Executive”, Dauna has extensive experience in coaching and mentoring, recruiting, training and creating and delivering strategic programs with the goal of integrating diversity and inclusion into the workplace.  Providing mentorship for young Black women and girls and assisting them in developing or advancing their careers, is one of her passions.  She has designed and facilitated many diversity workshops and has a unique blend of interpersonal and positive focus.  As a result, she has won numerous awards for her leadership style, results orientation and diversity efforts.  More recently, Dauna became a recipient of the Brilliant Minded Women, the 100ABCWomen Vanguard Lifetime Achievement Leadership Award and Afroglobal Excellence ‘Lifetime Achievement’ Award.  She has held managerial and executive positions in the banking industry and in "not-for-profit” organizations with a focus on diversity and inclusion.   Dauna is a past Chair of the Board of Directors for ACCES Employment, which focuses on assisting new Canadians who seek employment. She is also on the Board of Delta Family Resource Centre, Advisory Board Member for DYLOTT (Developing Young Leaders Of Tomorrow Today).  Dauna is the Chair of the Member Engagement Committee of the Rotary Club of Toronto.


Georgette Morris

Board Member


Georgette Morris is pursuing graduate studies at Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada in Ethics and Public Affairs and will matriculate into the Doctoral stream in September. She holds an Honours BA in Human Rights and Equity Studies, a BA in Social Science and an MA in Public Policy Administration and Law, all from York University as well as certificates in Law and Society, Public Policy Analysis, and Democratic Administration. Her primary research interests have been in the area of labour, policy, equity, human rights (im)-migration, citizenship, government, political debate, public reason, and agenda setting. Georgette has experience working at all levels of government, within a range of departments and ministries. Her aspirations include making political debate and access to what is said in Parliament more accessible and understandable to citizens. In particular she seeks to create strategic use of tools of political engagement tools to provide outcomes for Black people.


Che Latchford

Board Chair


Che Latchford is the Director of Implementation and Impact at the Florida Network of Youth and Family Services overseeing current state-wide evidence-based SNAP® programming at over 20 sites and its future expansion. For more than 20 years, Che has held various clinical and leadership roles where he has gained invaluable experience related to services for parents, youth (young adults) and children. His current work centers on project and program management sciences, overseeing the implementation, development and evaluation of programming and services in various community settings and service systems. Che is also the Co-founder of BridgeBuilders Canada, a knowledge investment company focused on leveraging both public and private sector approaches that support people and communities to increase their capacity

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