About Us

Developing Young Leaders of Tomorrow, Today (DYLOTT) is an organization developed by Candies Kotchapaw, a visionary leader in the Black community. Candies, while completing her Master's of Social Work specializing in Policy Practice at York University, identified the precarious experience of Black Social Workers and the need for their inclusion in policy development. Coupled with her several years of experience facilitating grassroots youth work and Candies' identification of precariousness in several other employment areas, DYLOTT was formally founded in 2019.

What We Do

DYLOTT is a leadership incubator that delivers a variety of youth programs intentionally designed to ensure young Black leaders have the tools to excel in the current and emerging Canadian and International job market. Our programs are designed to address barriers to social inclusion in employment, education and the broader social context. Our culturally responsive supports and services provide: Mentoring and mentorship opportunities, Intensive training and skill development, and Innovative Sector-specific knowledge.

How We Do It

Community Engagement
Grassroots leadership

We provide mentorship and developmental opportunities to Black youth by fostering strong relationships with elders to support skill-building and collaborative community-based knowledge sharing.

We work within Black communities fostering collective action to create change at the local, regional, national, and international levels of policy and programming.

We harness the greatness of Black potential to work towards the realization of sustainability, interdependence and enhanced contribution to the successful growth of our economy and influence.

Systemic Advocacy

We advocate on behalf of Black communities to ensure that the systems we interact with are producing progressive changes to policies and practices.


We amplify the diverse community voices to ensure we remain connected to the pulse of Black communities and remain focused on the issues that matter most.



Our programs are designed to address barriers to social inclusion in employment, education and the broader social context. We help participants of the program develop and maintain positive peer and professional mentoring relationships that will positively impact the career trajectory and social status of the participants of the program through....



Developing Young Leaders of Tomorrow Today (DYLOTT) is a Black focused leadership incubation organization geared towards changing the socio-economic-political outlook for Black communities.

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To create empowered Black communities where youth participate with elders in decision making building a collaborative and lasting legacy of intergenerational knowledge sharing and mentorship ensuring continued progress.



Candies Kotchapaw is a community builder and networker, holding Master and Bachelor degrees in Social Work from York University and a diploma in Child and Youth Work from George Brown College. While completing the Master program, Candies encountered systemic conditions that tried to prevent her from successfully completing the program. These forces included feelings of isolation in education, financial blocks, lack of mentorship and a sense that striving for greater was pointless. Candies found support in one faculty member who invested time and effort in developing her Major Research Project entitled, ‘The Politics of Social Work: Do Racialized Social Workers belong in the Practice Space of Public Policy Development?’....

Candies Kotchapaw

Founder & Executive Director

Meet The Board of Directors


Che Latchford

Board President


Che Latchford is the Youth Justice Coordinator at a rebound Children’s Mental Health organization in Toronto. For more than 15 years, Che has held various roles where he has gained invaluable clinical experience, delivering services with parents, youth (young adults) and children. His current work centers on project and program management sciences, overseeing the implementation, development and evaluation pertaining to the dissemination and replication of programming and services in various community settings and service systems. Che is the Co-Chair of the Youth Engagement Committee at this organization, where he has supported and led various activities for youth where he continues to advocate on behalf of direct strategies and services for children, youth, & families.


Rodas Beraki

Communications Manager


Rodas Beraki is currently in her fourth year of studies at the Ted Rogers School of Management where she is pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce with a Business Law major. She was involved with the National Society of Black Engineers Ryerson Chapter as Treasurer where she helped fundraise $600 + for the group.  She currently serves as a Board of directors and Communications Manager for DYLOTT. She is passionate about getting involved in the community and inspiring change.


Laurene Williams

Board Secretary


Laurene Williams came to DYLOTT in 2019 as one of our Young Professionals program mentees. Laurene is currently preparing to take her Ontario Bar exam and has experience working in Human Resources and Alternative Dispute Resolution. Over the course of her first year with DYLOTT, Laurene has shown her tremendous leadership capacity, as she has contributed to coordinating DYLOTT’s first speaker series on “Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals within the Black community.” Laurene also served as project manager for several grant applications on behalf of DYLOTT’s Young Professionals program. In August 2019, Laurene represented DYLOTT as a Canadian delegate at the Future We Want Model United Nations professional training program in New York City.


Shanique Thelwell-Stewart.



Shanique is an Educational Assistant and a Financial Professional currently in the healthcare/Education and Financial Services and has been in these fields for 2.5 and 1.5 years respectively. An immigrant from the beautiful Island of Jamaica with a Teaching Diploma, Shanique doubles up as a certified chef. Coming to Canada Shanique had to start all over again, but did not let that stop her because of her determination to excel. She back to school and completed two diploma courses as a Community Service Worker and in Computerized Accounting. She is currently working in the community and uses DYLOTT as a platform to make a difference in the younger generation. She feels blessed to have an amazing Business where she can bring awareness to the community by educating families on Financial Literacy.

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