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Wakanda Inspired Tech Camp Chronicles: Unlocking Innovation in Every Line of Code

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

In a world increasingly defined by technology, access to quality education is more critical than ever. It is within this context that our Tech Camp was born, driven by a commitment to democratize learning and empower our community's youth. Our free educational community-building camp program isn't just about coding, robotics, or AI; it's about fostering an environment where dreams and aspirations are nurtured, where young minds have the opportunity to explore, innovate, and thrive. By offering this invaluable experience at no cost, we're not only equipping future generations with essential digital skills but also forging strong bonds within our community, where knowledge and opportunities are shared freely, igniting a brighter future for all. This past summer, Dylott had the opportunity to host many events, including the Black Diplomacy Global Summit. In August, we launched a new program: The Wakanda Inspired Tech Camp!

Located in Windsor, Ontario, our tech-centred camp is designed to inspire and educate young minds aged 8-12 on a wide range of technological subjects. From the captivating realms of virtual reality to the wonders of artificial intelligence and the art of coding, we offer an immersive learning experience like no other! In week 1, students had the chance to learn about the connection of Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Realities, as well as the new development of the internet. In week 2, campers learned how to do block programming with python! Week 3 and 4 focused on Robotics and building robots from scratch!

Our campers embarked on a journey to become exceptional coders, mastering the art of coding with enthusiasm. Alongside their coding adventures, they enjoyed exciting Friday outings, exploring trampoline parks, and a variety of entertainment options to allow for our campers to build a community bond between each other. As a bonus, our partnership with the University of Waterloo allowed our students to delve into the fascinating world of Quantum Computing through engaging lessons!

In summary, the campers had an incredibly joyful experience with our program! Melanie, a participant from the Wakanda Inspired Tech Camp, appreciated the opportunity to connect and engage with fellow campers while enjoying a variety of activities together. When it comes to the tech side of things, she particularly relished the experience of creating "Willy," the imbot robot, during Week 4, and expressed her eagerness to participate in the program again. Hanna and Rosie, two other campers, shared their perspectives, highlighting their enjoyment of the enriching field trips and the chance to learn new skills while having a blast with new friends. Their tech adventures included the design and construction of their robots, lovingly named "Lola" and "Billy."

In the last week of our camp, our dedicated staff at the Wakanda Inspired Tech Camp had been hard at work, ensuring that our campers are not only tech-savvy but also well-prepared for the upcoming school year. With great care and attention to detail, they assembled special back-to-school packages, brimming with essential supplies. These thoughtfully curated packages included everything our campers needed to excel in their studies, from notebooks to pens, calculators, and more. It's our way of equipping these young minds with the tools they need to conquer their educational journey with confidence. We believe in nurturing holistic development, and providing these supplies is just one way we're ensuring our campers are ready to take on the new school year with enthusiasm and determination.

The success of our program is truly defined by the smiles, connections, and newfound skills of our campers. Their joy, camaraderie, and enthusiasm are a testament to the power of education, technology, and community building. We're inspired by Melanie, Hanna, Rosie, and all our campers who embraced the opportunities to learn, grow, and create lasting memories. As we look forward to future endeavours, we're excited to continue fostering a space where curiosity thrives, friendships blossom, and innovation knows no bounds. Together, we're shaping a brighter, more tech-savvy, and tightly-knit future, one camp adventure at a time!

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