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Applications for 2022 cohort is now closed

Course Objectives:

  • Introduce BIPOC youth to basic cybersecurity principles in the most fun and engaging way possible

  • Students will learn about personal cybersecurity and how those same principles are applied at the business level by cybersecurity professionals

  • Students will be introduced to the realm of cybersecurity professions and explore how to enter the cybersecurity fields through education and employment

October 2022

module 3

Cybersecurity Intro

  • Introduce students to the basic (non-technical) concepts of cybersecurity through “shock and awe”

October 2022

module 3

Protect v1.0

  • Ensure students understand the concept of PI and its value to data aggregators and hackers/scammers

  • Ensure students are aware of the purpose of privacy policies and the key words to look for when reading them in order to protect their PI in their daily lives

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