We focus on offering exciting experiences and opportunities to support wonderful talents and potential of DYLOTT participants.

Coaching for Spelling Bee
of Canada competitions

A literacy intervention program for for children ages 6 to 14, to help improve their public speaking skills, build self-esteem, encourage comradery and foster healthy competition.

Empowering Girls
to get into leadership

Provides girls ages 8-14 with the opportunity to build and expand their leadership capacity.

This program introduces participants to soft skills such as working in groups, problem solving clear and abstract issues in their local communities and presenting their perspectives to a diverse audience.

Girls in this program get to interact and be mentored by a female public figure, championing the rights and empowerment of girls and women in leadership roles.

Upon completion of this program stream, girls will have gained knowledge and experience to further develop their confidence as individuals, learn how to advocate for themselves and their communities on topics that are important to them and be ready to transition to the next phase in their personal and career development.

Model United Nations & Young Diplomats Forum summits

This is the next phase of leadership skills development. This stream is open to males and females ages 15-19.

It is an introduction to the Model United Nations environment, where participants get the opportunity to engage with peers and coaches on how to diplomatically negotiate the rights, values and perspectives represented by their peers in the global community.

Participants are offered experiential learning that they may not have access to in their local public school system.

At the end of this program, participants will have developed a broader view and understanding of social and economic issues that impact various communities around the world.

These will help them identify a career path that suits their interests, while receiving mentorship to help them along the way.

Mentoring and experiential learning for young professionals

This area focuses on connecting male and female graduates ages 19-35 to mentors in their specified professional career fields of Law, STEM, Public Affairs, Education and Business.

Participants receive experiential learning opportunities to engage in policy discussions relating to the global policy agenda, such as employment and sustainable development and training in negotiating and diplomacy among other everyday skills that can be applied in daily life.

The experience participants gain from this program will enhance their resume and CV for greater competitiveness in the labour market.

We hope that the participants will maintain their relationship with  mentors after the  program, and will have a clear path and focus to achieving their career objectives.