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CIBC Days of Caring Event, June 25th 2021

On June 25th, CIBC associates from CIBC’s Days of Caring Committee delivered a career advice lab in support of DYLOTT program participants. The associates come with diverse backgrounds in finance, marketing, technology, HR, Product, Communications and Strategy.

This event was designed to cater to the job search needs of young professionals by providing mentorship advice on resume writing, best practices to adopt in an interview, social media platforms for networking and general job search tools.

Key Highlights

During the resume advice session, speakers provided tips on how to present a well-written and engaging resume to land a job. Among the points of discussion was the importance of tailoring your resume and cover letter to match the job description, how to demonstrate transferable skills and how to structure your work history so that it is logical and easy to understand to the reader.

The Interview Advice session provided young professionals with some tips to guide them through the interview process. Speakers mentioned the use of soft skills while interviewing, the importance of researching the company prior to an interview and reaching out to mentors particularly to the role one is interviewing for.

The social media session discussed the importance of social media in networking with professionals and industry leaders. Speakers advised that it is best to use platforms like Linkedln to evolve one’s network and nurture rewarding relationships over time. Young professionals starting out in the industry were encouraged to customize their Linkedln page and share their professional history and qualifications. This would help them to reach out to the right mentors and networks.

This engaging event provided young professionals with advice relevant to the times. It can be challenging to enter the job market and seek work during this pandemic.

Thank you to the CIBC Days of Caring Committee for delivering a meaningful experience which fits in line with the needs of our young professionals and the mandate of DYLOTT’s work.

At DYLOTT, we continue to host virtual events and programs to provide young professionals with specialized training and essential learning opportunities to prepare them for the job market.

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