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DYLOTT Takes Part in Roundtables on a Strategy for Children and Youth in Canada on October 22nd 2022

For Immediate Release

DYLOTT Takes Part in Honorable Senator Rosemary Moodie’s Roundtables on a Strategy for Children and Youth in Canada on October 22nd, 2022

OTTAWA, CANADA October 21st, 2022

Developing Young Leaders of Tomorrow, Today (DYLOTT) will be participating in Honorable Senator Rosemary Moodie’s Roundtables on a Strategy for Children and Youth in Canada taking place on October 21st to the 22nd, 2022 to support creating the foundations of a bill that would outline strategies for children and youth in Canada.

DYLOTT will be amongst 11 other organizations, such as Canadian Coalition for the Rights of Children (CCRC) and UNICEF Canada, who will be meeting virtually and/in person in the Senate of Canada Building in Ottawa. DYLOTT will be participating in the roundtable discussions on creating a National Strategy for Children and Youth. Presentations and consultations will look to outline the parameters, framework and foundation of the proposed Strategy that covers all bases in the diverse experience of children and youth in Canada.

DYLOTT looks forward to being a part of helping to create the foundation of a strategy that can have a positive effect on children and youth across the country. DYLOTT will be presenting recommendations on why this strategy is needed, the gaps that are evident in current approaches, especially relating to the experience of Black children and youth in Canada; and how this strategy can work to overcome these barriers.

“I am proud to see DYLOTT’s engagement in helping to shape Canada’s policy direction on behalf of children and youth. Participation in the consultations at the senate level on policy issues that affect Black children and youth is an essential step to intentionally embed inclusion, belonging, representation and amplification of our lived experiences in decision making activities in Canada.” says Candies Kotchapaw, DYLOTT’s Founder and Executive Director.

- About Senator Moodie -

The Honourable Senator Rosemary Moodie has been a leader championing the rights of children and youth of Canada since before her appointment as Independent Senator of Canada in 2018. Having worked closely with stakeholders since then to ensure Canadian youth voices are heard, in June of 2020, Senator Moodie introduced a bill to establish an office of a Commissioner for Children and Youth. She reintroduced this bill in the fall of 2020. “I (Senator Moodie) have worked closely with stakeholders to push for progress on issues like children’s rights and well-being, childcare, income insecurity for children and families, pharmacare and economic advancement for Black communities. I have also worked with international partners, notable from the CARICOM community, to deepen our ties and further Canada’s interest.” Senator Moodie.

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