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Black Leadership Institute of Social Action for Change (BLISC)

On September 2, our founder and executive director of Developing Young Leaders of Tomorrow, Today (DYLOTT), Candies Kotchapaw was a guest speaker at the BLISC session on September 2nd. She led the interactive discussion about leading change through social and political advocacy. The discussion focused on how to remove the glass ceiling for Black workers, and a glimpse in DYLOTT's Black Diplomats Academy and its work on fighting against Anti-Black Racism and Anti-Oppression.

Black Leadership Institute of Social Action for Change is a national leadership program to build more Black community leaders in Canada. The leadership program is uniquely designed for the Black Community to have more representation in Canadian society as well as to achieve more inclusive leadership through skills development, capacity building, enhancing leadership competencies, actions against injustice, and navigating diversity and equity systems

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