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Program is designed to:

Equip Black youth in high school with the tools to navigate online safely


Provide learning opportunities that will prepare them for entry into meaningful well-paying cybersecurity careers


Address the cybersecurity industry’s increasing demand for well-educated and diverse cybersecurity talent

Whats Students will Learn

Risks and trade-offs involved when online “for fun,” identifying specific scams and pitfalls to watch out for

Gain the ability to spot attempts to steal their personal information and learn the tools to prevent it

Personal cybersecurity and how those same principles are applied at the business level by cybersecurity professionals

Introduced to the realm of cybersecurity professions and explore how to enter the cybersecurity fields through education and employment

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Cybersecurity Course Outline

  • Diplomacy and the Sustainable Development Goals 

  • National Security and Intelligence gathering 

  • Youth in Diplomacy

  • The International Decade for People of African Descent


  • Permanent Forum for People of African Descent


Program/Admin Assistant

Esther Mustapha


“I started volunteering at DYLOTT as a program /admin assistant in August 2020 during my postgraduate studies in project management. I was referred by an ex volunteer who told me her experience with the organization changed her life.

It has definitely changed my life too. As a volunteer with DYLOTT, I have been exposed to a large network of industry experts and real life experiences. I was opportune to attend the Montreal Model United Nations last November and it was an insightful experience. It was my first time but it was so intriguing seeing fellow young delegates negotiate and vote on different notions with high-level professionalism. This was eye-opening for me and taught me a lot about leadership and negotiation on a higher level.

Lastly, having this experience on my resume has gotten me so many interviews and also landed me a good job with a pioneer organization within 3 months of graduation. I have also grown within DYLOTT beyond being a volunteer and I’m always thankful that I made that decision then when I was in school.”

Fellow 2021

Keshana King

"The Black Diplomats Academy changed me as a person and a young professional. Through the learning labs, I gained so much insight into the many areas of diplomacy like trade, development and security. Meeting our partners as an Executive Council Member gave me a real life look into the art of building professional relationships. The connections I built with other fellows and mentors will last a lifetime. Overall, I've truly enjoyed the time I've spent as part of BDA!" - Keshana King

Fellow 2021

Mark Ngoran Nyuykighan

"I am very pleased to say that my experience with the Black Diplomats Academy has been excellent and I feel it is a privilege. My appreciation for the excellent work BDA is doing to uplift the Black Youth, especially in the domains of Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Community Development and the constant awareness the Academy is creating around the Permanent Forum for People of African Descent and paying close attention to its three main areas of focus; Recognition, Justice and Development. Developing Young Leaders of Tomorrow, Today through its Black Diplomats Academy is investing in a better future for Black Canadians to be precise and the World at large. The Academy is on a Journey to bring out the best in Young Black People and to instill in them the spirit of Black Excellence.

In the journey with BDA, I have actually seen desires been converted in to realty and how my innermost strength manifested in some sensitive aspects of the Society relating to Black People as a whole like Systemic Racism and Discrimination to name a few. It’s a great Privilege to be a part of its very first Cohort , The work creates a great Influence on the Society and changing minds of Young Black People for a brighter future and standing up to fill gaps in pertinent issues in the Society that relates directly to them and their way of life.

I give my best wishes and luck to the entire brilliant team of Young and dynamic Black People who are sacrificing a time in their live to fight for Justice, Recognition and Development of People of African Descent." - Mark Ngoran

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