Program is designed to:

Equip Black youth in high school with the tools to navigate online safely


Provide learning opportunities that will prepare them for entry into meaningful well-paying cybersecurity careers


Address the cybersecurity industry’s increasing demand for well-educated and diverse cybersecurity talent

Whats Students will Learn

Risks and trade-offs involved when online “for fun,” identifying specific scams and pitfalls to watch out for

Gain the ability to spot attempts to steal their personal information and learn the tools to prevent it

Personal cybersecurity and how those same principles are applied at the business level by cybersecurity professionals

Introduced to the realm of cybersecurity professions and explore how to enter the cybersecurity fields through education and employment

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Cybersecurity Course Outline

  • Diplomacy and the Sustainable Development Goals 

  • National Security and Intelligence gathering 

  • Youth in Diplomacy

  • The International Decade for People of African Descent


  • Permanent Forum for People of African Descent


Program/Admin Assistant

Esther Mustapha


“I started volunteering at DYLOTT as a program /admin assistant in August 2020 during my postgraduate studies in project management. I was referred by an ex volunteer who told me her experience with the organizationchanged her life.

It has definitely changed my life too. As a volunteer with DYLOTT, I have been exposed to a large network of industry experts and real life experiences. I was opportune to attend the Montreal Model United Nations last November and it was an insightful experience. It was my first time but it was so intriguing seeing fellow young delegates negotiate and vote on different notions with high-level professionalism. This was eye-opening for me and taught me a lot about leadership and negotiation on a higher level.

Lastly, having this experience on my resume has gotten me so many interviews and also landed me a good job with a pioneer organization within 3 months of graduation. I have also grown within DYLOTT beyond being a volunteer and I’m always thankful that I made that decision then when I was in school.”

Board Secretary (Currently On Leave)

Laurene Williams


“I was referred to the DYLOTT Young Professionals Program at a critical stage of my career as I had just completed Post Graduate studies and was looking to enter the workforce. I applied to the program as I felt it would help me network with other professionals and provide an avenue for continued professional development.

I was not disappointed! I was fully engaged at each session as I interacted with other participants who brought a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table. The program brought in various dynamic presenters and speakers on a variety of topics. I was given several opportunities to develop my leadership acumen as I supported the planning and execution of the first organized Speaker series put on by DYLOTT.

I later went on to lead a delegation of program participants to the Future we want Model United Nations Conference held in New York in 2019. I now serve on the organizations Board of Directors and am committed to ensuring that DYLOTT continues to empower youth to reach their full potential.”