The Young Diplomats of Canada (YDC) is partnering with the youth leadership incubator, Developing Young Leaders of Tomorrow, Today (DYLOTT) on robust advocacy and global studies training for marginalized black youth in the Greater Toronto Area. The partnership will see YDC deliver five training sessions over the first half of the year to a group of 20 young people between the ages of 19 to 35 with backgrounds ranging from science and technology, business and international affairs.

“Equipping young people with the right set of skills they need to elevate their voice and engage their community is incredibly important to YDC,” said Olivia Labonte, YDC Executive Director “This training will provide these young Canadians an opportunity to connect local to global, and give them an opportunity to understand the interconnectedness of the impacts issues and policy across Canada and the international system and helping them be leaders amongst their community of peers.”

The sessions will contextualize Canada’s role in the international system, providing a framework of understanding on how Canada engages with international formal and informal organizations as well as how international agreements translate into policy domestically. Additionally, the sessions will provide training on advocacy, youth consultation and community engagement to supplement the learning from the leadership incubator program.

“Our programs are designed to address barriers to social inclusion in employment, education and the broader social context,” said Candies Kotchapaw, Lead Researcher at DYLOTT. “We help participants of the program develop the skills and training necessary to positively impact their career trajectory and social status.”

This unique partnership allows these developing leaders to expand their knowledge base, be immediate advocates for themselves and their communities, while crafting their ability to be the change they want to see happen in their world!

YDC and DYLOTT are pleased to be advancing youth voices in policy and decision making in Canada and looking forward to giving young Canadians a path forward in advocacy and engagement.