We square the spotlight on amazing youth
who display great leadership ability, initiative and capacity
for positive growth.

Aliyah Kotchapaw

Aliyah is 6 years old. She likes to draw unicorns, pictures of her family, her rabbits and flowers.  She looks up to her mom because she is the one who raised her and she is great. She also looks up to her  grandma because she takes great care of her.  She really likes Senator Wanda Thomas Bernard because she is kind and smart and she helps to make the laws in Canada. She wants to be a pilot when she grows up because she likes flying.

Maddison Brown

Maddison is 8 years old and a member of DYLOTT. Her hobbies are playing the piano and dancing. Her favourite female M.P is Senator Pate, because of meeting her in Ottawa she has grown very interested in the Indigenous people. She sees herself as a doctor in the near future

Hailey McCalla

Hailey came to DYLOTT in 2019 as a mentee in our Young Professionals program. Over the course of the year, she showed her natural leadership and organizational talent by assisting with coordinating our #LeadLikeAGirl social media campaign, by creating a profile portfolio for each of the girls. Further, Hailey was the project manager of a grant proposal for the Young Diplomats stream.

DYLOTT is tremendously proud of Hailey’s exceptional leadership ability that is fully displayed through her commitment to academic excellence and social responsibility within her community. As a result of this, we nominated her for the City of Toronto’s Pam McConnell award 2020. Hailey was a finalist for this award and had the opportunity to speak directly with Mayor John Tory following the award presentation.

Laurene Williams

Laurene came to DYLOTT in 2019 as one of our Young Professionals program mentees. Laurene is currently preparing to take her Ontario Bar exam, and has experience working in Human Resources and Alternative Dispute Resolution. Over the course of her first year with DYLOTT, Laurene has showed her tremendous leadership capacity, as she has contributed to coordinating DYLOTT’s first speaker series on “Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals within the Black community.” Laurene also served as project manager for several grant applications on behalf of DYLOTT’s Young Professionals program. In August 2019, Laurene represented DYLOTT as a Canadian delegate at the Future We Want Model United Nations professional training program in New York City.

We are very pleased to see Laurene’s progress as a young leader. She now sits as the Secretary on DYLOTT’s Board of Directors.

Mohamed Yusuf

Mohamed grew up in the Lakeshore neighbourhood of Etobicoke , his family moved overseas and he relocated to Istanbul where he completed a Bachelors degree in Political Science and International Relations. His Background and interests are in Radio production and Youth mentorship. Mohamed joined Dylott through the Young Diplomats program and has been a member since.