We square the spotlight on amazing youth
who display great leadership ability, initiative and capacity
for positive growth.

Tash Glasgow

Tash Glasgow is one of our lead youth mentors. She took an active role in DYLOTT in 2017, representing the program at the Young Diplomats Forum in Riga, Latvia. Since returning from the YDF, Tash has shown her abilities to motivate her peers to be more involved in building the future they want. Tash continues to build upon her strengths in outreach and program development. We are tremendously proud of her sustained leadership potential!

Maddison Brown

Maddison is one of DYLOTT’s rising stars! She has competed in the Spelling Bee of Canada competition in the Primary division two years in a row. This year, Maddison improved on her performance by reaching the 5th stage of the tie-breaker round at the regional competition. Maddison has shown great confidence in participating in many events that require her to address a large audience. We are so proud of your efforts Maddison!

Shanique Thelwell-Stewart

Shanique is another of our youth lead mentors. Over the course of 2017 into 2018, Shanique slowly began to show her leadership growth potential. Initially, Shanique was very shy, but as time progressed, she began to take on more responsibilities and push herself to do public engagement events that were outside of her normal comfort zone. After breaking out of this shell, Shanique has shown her vibrancy, innovation and commitment to seeing the success of DYLOTT’s program.

Kadie Johnson

Kadie is another one of DYLOTT’s rising stars! She has shown consistently that anything is possible when you try. Kadie displays her leadership capacity as one of our early years participants. At just 8 years old, Kadie encourages her peers to overcome their fears. She is always positive and takes every opportunity to improve herself in her academic and social circle. Keep on shining Kadie!

Damion Williams

Damion took a more active role in DYLOTT in 2017. His first activity was helping to create a budget for the Ontario Black Youth Action Plan grant for the Ontario Anti-Racism Directorate. Following this initial work, Damion has shown tremendous skills in maintaining DYLOTT finances. Damion helped with the second major grant application for the LaidLaw Foundation’s Youth Direct Action grant, for DYLOTT’s ‘Mentoring for Major Impact’ program.

Michelle Johnson

Michelle has been with DYLOTT since 2016. She put herself in the more active category after assisting with our initial grant application for the Ontario Black Youth Action Plan. Michelle showed dedication and sustained support required in completing the high pressured, tight deadlines of the grant cycle. Michelle has shown her capacity for innovative thinking. We hope that she will continue to set and exceed expectations.

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